Turkey is a country with an extraordinary geographical and climatic location connecting Europe and Asia. This has greatly affected the economy of this country. Among the high volume of gross production and exports, the attraction of foreign currency through the tourism industry and medical and beauty services, and the attraction of foreign currency capital for foreign investment inside the country.
This has created a safe and profitable platform with an upward perspective in this country, which will guarantee safe investment in this country, in addition to increasing the investment amount for obtaining citizenship and passport, from 250 thousand dollars to 400 thousand dollars, not only the number of investment applicants did not decrease,
Rather, due to the benefits that the Turkish government has included for investors and immigrants who have received Turkish passports, the number of investors also increased, according to the provided statistics, the growth of the sale price of the property in three years (2019-2022) is 417% and its five-year statistics (2017-2022) is 442% This is proof that investing in real estate in this country will be very profitable.

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Staying in Turkey is one of the best options for people who are looking for a life in a friendly and comfortable environment. As an immigrant, you can take advantage of all the opportunities that this country provides for you. One of the main advantages of staying in Turkey is the favorable and mild climate and its beautiful nature. Staying in Turkey will provide you with new jobs and work opportunities. You can work as an employee in international companies or even find new opportunities to start your own business in this country. Considering that Turkey is one of the most populated countries in the world, you can have a unique and friendly experience by interacting with the people and their culture. Finally, by staying in Turkey, you, as a legal resident, will be safe from the laws and regulations of this country and you can continue your life with more confidence.

Immigration & residency laws

What is Turkish citizenship?

Turkish citizenship means that in addition to being allowed to stay in Turkey, you are considered a Turkish citizen who has all the advantages and privileges of a Turkish person. The fastest way to obtain citizenship is to buy a property worth more than 400 thousand Dollars and not sell the said property for at least 3 years.
It should be noted that after the announced time, the owner of the property will be allowed to sell his property to any person, both Turkish and foreign.

Turkish residency procedures

Turkish residency procedures

Turkish residency procedures

1. Obtaining Turkish residence through property purchase
2. Obtaining Turkish residence through work permit and having insurance
3. Obtaining Turkish residency through education

Obtaining Turkish residence

Obtaining Turkish residence

Obtaining Turkish residence through property purchase:

In this way, it is possible to acquire Turkish residences by buying a property with a value of more than 75,000 dollars in big cities and more than 50,000 dollars in small cities of Turkey. It should be noted that the purchased property should not be located in prohibited areas.

Obtaining Turkish residence through education:

Studying in the universities of this country has the same quality as in Europe, but on the other hand, its costs are very economical. You can even reduce this cost by getting scholarships and funds.

Turkish citizenship and passport

Turkish citizenship and passport

Methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship and passport:

1- By purchasing a property worth at least $400,000
2- Through entrepreneurship by registering a company in Türkiye and creating employment for 50 people
3- Married to a Turkish citizen and 3 years have passed
4- through job offer, obtaining a work permit and obtaining insurance from the employer after at least 5 years
5- Through investment in the bank for at least 500,000 dollars and for 3 years

The law of obtaining a Turkish passport through the purchase of property:

  1. The purchased property must be purchased in cash
  2. The property should not have any debt problems
  3. You can buy several properties and apply for a Turkish passport together.
  4. The purchased property should not be from a foreigner and must be purchased from a Turkish person or a Turkish construction company.
  5. Citizenship has not been obtained on that property before.

Benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

1-Obtaining permanent passports for all family members (in the amount of $400,000)
2- Opening an international bank account
3- Using free medical services
4- Using dozens of facilities for life
5- Entering more than 125 countries without a visa or Obtaining an airport and online visa
6- Free education in prestigious international schools and universities
7- Possibility of changing the name and surname in the Turkish passport and national card
8- Easy obtaining of Schengen and UK visas for Turkish citizens
9- Easy obtaining of E1 and E2 visas from the United States United States of America
10- Obtaining a long-term or multi-entry visa for Canada and Australia
11- The possibility of working in any field of work as an employee or employer without restrictions
12- Using pensions and receiving annuity
13- The possibility of buying military service