Istanbul, the thirteenth most popular city of billionaires in the world

According to a new report released by Wealth-X, almost one-third of the world’s billionaires are concentrated in just 16 cities. The report shows that Istanbul, with 33 billionaires, ranked thirteenth, while New York, with 136 billionaires, as usual, ranked first. According to the Wealth-X report, the census of global billionaires is carried out annually based on parameters such as individuals’ place of residence, income generation, and net asset value. Based on this, in 2022, 3,194 billionaires worldwide had a net worth of over $11.1 trillion. After New York, which has been the most popular city for wealthy people for many years, Hong Kong with 112 billionaires ranked second, and San Francisco with 84 billionaires ranked third. Istanbul, like in 2021, is listed thirteenth with 33 billionaires. The report also shows that the number of global billionaires decreased by 3.5% in 2022 due to the new war in Europe, increased inflation, and escalating tensions between the United States and China. The report emphasizes that billionaires have a significant influence on the global economy.