HamiHolding - Istanbul canal map

As shown in the picture, the Bosphorus Strait is the only entrance and exit to the Black Sea, and the number of ships passing through this strait is higher than those passing through the Suez and Panama canals, making the Bosphorus one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. It is also important to note that Turkey does not collect taxes from passing ships!
In 1936, Turkey signed the Montreux Convention, which allowed it to prevent the passage of military ships except for neighboring Black Sea ships but allowed the passage of commercial ships free of charge.
For this reason, Turkey decided to build the Istanbul Canal. The goal of creating a 45-kilometer Istanbul Canal is to reduce traffic in the Bosphorus Strait, allowing Turkey to tax ships and prevent long stops. There are stops for passing through the Black Sea and Marmara, which will have to pay a fee to pass through the canal faster. When this project is completed, the entire area will become an island.