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The luxurious Hawaii Homes project is situated in the lush and beautiful Tatlisu area in the city of Girne. Tatlisu, with its breathtaking sea views, mild climate, fruit gardens, and olive trees, has captured the attention of many. This project is the largest undertaking by Cyprus Constructions, and it is only 300 meters away from the sea. In this project, you will find rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and artificial islands that extend throughout the entire complex. Additionally, the green spaces and specially designed gardens will leave you amazed.

At Hawaii Homes, you can enjoy swimming in the heated pools, moments of relaxation in the spa and massage rooms, sauna, Turkish bath, restaurant, tennis court, and beach activities, all easily accessible to you.

The unique villa designs in this complex give you the feeling of living in paradise. Moreover, these villas provide everything you desire for a luxurious life. The magnificent terraces, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and extending along your private beach, will undoubtedly be a heavenly experience.

Unit types and starting square meters:

  • Studio: 35 square meters + 8 square meters terrace.
  • One-bedroom: 50 square meters + 10 square meters terrace.
  • Two-bedroom: 75 square meters + 10 square meters terrace and a 50 square meters rooftop terrace.
  • Three-bedroom villa: 145 square meters + 75 square meters terrace + 145 square meters rooftop terrace.

Location: Tatlisu, Girne.

Delivery Date: 2025.

Payment Terms: 35% down payment | 65% installments until delivery.

 استودیو ۳۵ مترمربع + ۸ مترمربع تراس
 یک خواب  ۵۰ مترمربع + ۱۰ متــرمربع تــــراس
 دوخـــواب  ۷۵ مترمربع + ۱۰ مترمربــــــع تراس و ۵۰ مترمربــــع روف تــــراس
 ویلا سه‌خواب ۱۴۵مترمربع + ۷۵ مترمربع تراس + ۱۴۵ مترمربع روف تراس


تاریخ تحویل:2025