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The mesmerizing NATALUX project is located in the lush and beautiful Tatlisu area of Girne. Tatlisu, with its sea view, mild climate, fruit gardens, and olive trees, attracts the attention of many individuals.

This project is situated in the zero-sea region, and when you enter NATALUX for the first time, it gives you the feeling of being in or on the sea, not just a distant view of the sea. The unique design of both the villas and the duplex apartments and penthouses allows you to enjoy beautiful sea views, golden sunset, and green trees. In this project, you can avail yourself of amenities such as an adult pool, children’s pool, fitness club, and Turkish bath. Additionally, you can indulge in international and top-notch dining experiences at the restaurant in this complex, with its remarkable terrace.

Unit types:

  • One-bedroom: 72 square meters + 12.5 square meters terrace.
  • Two-bedroom: 100 square meters + 6.5 square meters terrace.
  • Three-bedroom triplex: 358 square meters + 117 square meters terrace + 350 square meters land area.
  • Four-bedroom duplex with spa: 468 square meters + 58 square meters terrace + 64 square meters rooftop terrace + 444 square meters land area.

Location: Tatlisu / Girne.

Delivery Date: 2026.

Payment Terms: 40% down payment | 60% installments until delivery.

 یک خـواب  ۷۲ مترمربع + ۱۲.۵ مترمربع تراس
دو خواب ۱۰۰ مترمربع + ۶.۵ متر تراس
 سه خواب  تریپلکس ۳۵۸ مترمربع + ۱۱۷ مترمربع تراس +فضای زمین ۳۵۰ متر مربع
 چهارخواب  دوبلکس همراه با اسپا ۴۶۸ مترمربع و ۵۸ مترمربع تراس و ۶۴ مترمربع روف تراس و ۴۴۴ مترمربع فضای زمین


 تاریخ تحویل:2026