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The exquisite QUERENCIA project is located in one of the most beautiful coastal areas, namely Long Beach. This beach is recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the world’s best beaches for investment and living. It is situated near the historic town of Famagusta, a city renowned for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters. The project is positioned 400 meters from the sea, offering a luxurious and high-quality lifestyle throughout the year. The immense project consists of four blocks, one of which will be a five-star hotel. All apartments in the blocks have a 180-degree sea view, providing extraordinary views of the sea from the living room, kitchen, shared bedrooms, and balconies. South-facing apartments offer magnificent views of the beach, stretching from Famagusta to the Varosha region, while north-facing apartments offer breathtaking views of the depths of the Carpaz Bay.

The penthouse apartments, with their unique private pools, offer an exceptional and luxurious living experience in the residence. Their spacious terraces with panoramic and everlasting sea views create a sense of true tranquility in life.

Adjacent to the project, there are two 5-star hotels and the largest casino in Cyprus, adding to the eternal sea views and unmatched amenities. Querencia has become the best investment project with continuous growth and value.

Unit Types and Starting Areas:

  • Studio: 32 square meters + 7 square meter balcony
  • One-bedroom: 59 square meters + 13 square meter balcony
  • Two-bedroom: 92 square meters – 23 square meter balcony
  • Three-bedroom: 124 square meters + 16 square meter terrace (Some three-bedroom units are designed with an area of 196 square meters, 123 square meter terrace, and 33 square meter balcony)
  • Four-bedroom: 109 square meters + 68 square meter balcony (Some four-bedroom units are designed with an area of 212 square meters, 108 square meter terrace, and 79 square meter balcony)
  • Five-bedroom: 125 square meters + 148 square meter balcony (Some five-bedroom units are designed with an area of 267 square meters, 90 square meter terrace, and 101 square meter balcony)

Location: Long Beach/Famagusta

Delivery Date: 2025/26

Payment Terms and Conditions: 35% upfront payment, 65% in installments until delivery date.

 استــودیو ۳۲ مترمربع +۷ مترمربع بالکن
 تک خـــواب ۵۹ مترمربع + ۱۳ مترمربع بالکن
 دوخـــــواب ۹۲ مترمربع + ۲۳ مترمربع بالکن
 سه خـــواب  ۱۲۴ مترمربع + ۱۶ مترمربع تراس

(برخی واحــد های ٣ خواب با متراژ ۱۹۶ مترمربع + ۱۲۳ مترمربع تراس + ۳۳ مترمربع بالکن طراحی شده اند)

 چهارخواب  ۱۰۹ مترمربع + ۶۸ مترمربع بالکن

(برخی واحـــد های ٤ خواب با متراژ ۲۱۲ مترمربع + ۱۰۸ مترمربع تراس + ۷۹ مترمربع بالکن طراحی شده اند)

 پنج خـواب ۱۲۵ مترمربع + ۱۴۸ مترمربع بالکن

(برخی واحد های ۵ خواب با متراژ ۲۶۷ مترمربع + ۹۰ مترمربع تراس + ۱۰۱ مترمربع بالکن طراحی شده اند)


تاریخ تحویل:26/2025