Phuket Health and Wellness Resort

معماری سفارشـــی ( حق انتخاب متریال و نقشه فقط تا 3 ماه )

برای اولین بر با شرایطی مشابه یک شهروند ترکیه، خانه‌دار شوید

PHUKET HEALTH AND WELLNESS RESORT project is located in the charming region of Ernkoy, which encompasses a rich historical and cultural heritage. This area seamlessly combines the lush greenery of the jungle with the serene blue of the sea, offering breathtaking natural landscapes. In this exceptional luxury project, you will experience the perfect blend of tranquility, comfort, and modernity. The unique green space design of this complex reminds you of the beautiful and pristine nature of Thailand, while the strategically placed units provide eternal and exclusive views for all residents.

The recreational amenities in this complex include a sports club, a bathhouse, a Turkish bath, a sauna, a massage salon, a covered swimming pool, a tennis court, a beauty center, a restaurant, walking paths, cycling routes, a yoga center, and a medical clinic.

Unit Types and Starting Areas:

  • Studio: 35 square meters + 8 square meter terrace (Some plans also include a 35 square meter rooftop terrace)
  • One-bedroom: 50 square meters + 10 square meter terrace
  • Two-bedroom: 75 square meters + 10 square meter terrace + 50 square meter rooftop terrace
  • Luxury Villas: 103 square meters + 22 square meter terrace + 103 square meter rooftop terrace and a private pool of 38 square meters.
  • Additionally, the construction company offers the option to design three-bedroom and four-bedroom villas. The three-bedroom villa combines a studio, while the four-bedroom villa combines four studios.

Location: Ernkoy/Gireneh

Delivery Date: 2027

Payment Terms and Conditions: 35% upfront payment, 70% in installments until delivery date




استودیو  ٣٥ مترمربع + ٨ مترمربع تراس (برخی از پلن‌ها ٣٥ مترمربع روف تراس هم دارند)
 تک خواب  ٥٠ مترمربع +١٠ مترمربع تراس
 ۲ خـــــواب  ٧٥ مترمربع + ١٠ مترمربع تراس + ٥٠ مترمربع روف تراس
 ویلاهای لوکس ١٠٣ مترمربع +۲۲ مترمربع تراس + ١٠٣ مترمربع روف تراس و ٣٨ متر مربع استخر اختصاصی

همچنین شرکت سازنده امکان طراحی ویلای ٣ خواب و ۴ خوابه را برای متقاضیان فراهم کرده است.ویلای ٣ خواب با تلاقی ٣ استودیو و ویلای ۴خواب با تلاقی ۴ استودیو طراحی میشود.


تاریخ تحویل:2027

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