The BAHAMAS Town is located in a vast area with a breathtaking view of mountains and the sea. The town features swimming pools, towering palm trees, lush green spaces, and pleasant Mediterranean air. Taking a stroll through this extraordinary project leaves an unforgettable memory. The project is designed in three different phases, comprising a total of 701 units with extensive amenities. The convergence of the sea and the mountains in the apartment views creates a mesmerizing panorama.

  • Phase One of the project consists of 113 units, including three blocks (A, B, and C) and villas.
  • Phase Two comprises 284 units spread across two blocks (A and B).
  • Phase Three includes 304 units located in two blocks (A and B).

Unit Types and Starting Areas:

  • Studio: 35 square meters + 8 square meters terrace (some plans also include a 35 square meters rooftop terrace).
  • One-bedroom: 50 square meters + 10 square meters terrace
  • Two-bedroom: 75 square meters + 10 square meters terrace + 50 square meters rooftop terrace.
  • Luxury Villas: 157 square meters + 194 square meters terrace and rooftop terrace.

Location: Asentapa / Girne.

Delivery Date: 2026.

Payment Terms: 35% down payment | 65% until delivery.

تیپ واحد ها و شروع متراژها

استودیو ٣٥ مترمربع +٨ تراس (برخی از پلن‌ها ٣٥ مترمربع روف‌تراس هم دارند)
تک خواب  ٥٠ مترمربع +١٠ مترمربع تراس
دو خـواب ٧٥ مترمربع +١٠ مترمربع تراس +٥٠ مترمربع روف‌تراس
ویلاهای لوکس ١٥٧ مترمربع +١٩٤ مترمربع تراس و روف‌تراس


تاریخ تحویل:٢٠٢٦

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