Introduction of investment management services

Investment-management - Hami Holding

Investment management requires a fundamental strategy. Hami Holding, as an active company in consulting and capital management, helps you to invest properly in the countries of Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Dubai, Portugal, and Spain. Our goal at Hami Holding is to facilitate your path towards the realization of your dreams and goals in the desired countries. With a specialized team of professional consultants and benefiting from many years of experience in this field, we offer an effective strategy for choosing the best option for immigration, residence, and investment in these countries.

Our services include a detailed examination of the conditions, explaining the advantages and disadvantages, providing customized and optimal solutions for immigration and residence, following up on documents and processes, advising on investments in various economic sectors, as well as providing suitable investment opportunities in the real estate and financial markets.
Investment management plays a very important role in immigration and can have a significant impact on the success and sustainability of your immigration in a new country. If you think you don’t need to manage investments in foreign countries, review the following items that can only be provided through successful investment management:

Optimal use of financial resources.
Create a sustainable source of income.
Increasing the probability of success in business immigration.
Creating job opportunities.
Communication and networking.