1. Obtaining permanent passports for all family members
  2. Opening an international bank account
  3. Use of free medical services
  4. Enter more than 125 countries without a visa or get an airport visa online
  5. Free education in prestigious international schools and universities
  6. It is possible to change the name and surname in the Turkish passport and national card
  7. Easy obtaining Schengen and UK visa for Turkish citizens
  8. Easy to obtain E1 and E2 USA visa
  9. Obtaining a long-term or multiple visa for Canada and Australia
  10. The possibility of working in any field as an employee or employer without restrictions
  11. Using pensions and receiving pensions
  12. The possibility of buying soldiers

According to Turkish laws, only some foreigners can buy property in Turkey in 2024, and Iran is one of the countries that are allowed to buy Turkish property.

According to these rules:

  • The minimum price for buying a property in Turkey to obtain a Turkish passport and citizenship is 400,000 US dollars.
  • In order to keep the Turkish passport, the purchased property must not be sold or transferred for 3 years.
  • Foreign nationals are allowed to buy up to 30 hectares of land in the Republic of Türkiye.
  • Foreign nationals will not have the right to own or lease the lands of the Republic of Turkey located in military-security areas.
  • Foreign nationals are allowed to buy only up to 10% of the land and properties of each district/city.
  • Foreign nationals or legal entities registered outside Turkey are allowed to request installment purchase from owners and reputable financial institutions (banks). This is one of the rules of buying a house in Türkiye that can be useful for you.
  • Foreigners who buy land to build a property must do so within two years.
  • Iranians can buy any type of property including land, house and commercial property.
  • By buying a property with a value of less than 400,000 dollars, you can get a 2-year residence permit in Turkey and you can renew it as long as the document is in your name.
  1. By purchasing a property worth at least $400,000
  2. Through entrepreneurship by registering a company in Türkiye and creating employment for 50 people
  3. Married to a Turkish citizen and 3 years have passed
  4. through job offer, obtaining a work permit and obtaining insurance from the employer after at least 5 years
  5. Through investment in the bank for at least 500,000 dollars and for 3 years

Turkish citizenship means that, in addition to being allowed to stay in Turkey, you are considered a Turkish citizen who has all the advantages and privileges of a Turkish person. The fastest way to obtain citizenship is to buy a property worth more than 400,000 dollars, and do not sell the said property for at least 3 years.
It should be noted that after the announced time, the owner of the property will be allowed to sell her property to any person, both Turkish and foreign.

Staying in Türkiye by buying a property

  • The appraised value of the property should not be below $200,000.
  • Buying property in areas designated by the Turkish government and noting that your property should not be around military land or strategic points
  • Providing a passport or a document that determines the investor’s citizenship status.
  • Providing witnesses and certificates that determine the civil status of the applicant.
  • Providing receipts for full payment of taxes and other additional costs to the Ministry of Finance of Turkey
  • This type of residence can be renewed every year


Turkish tourist accommodation

Türkiye’s tourist stay in 2024 is the same as before but with a few changes. Iranians do not need a visa to travel to Turkey for up to 90 days, and they can enter Turkey only by having a passport at the Turkish border. During this period, they include tourist accommodation.

Tourist accommodation in Türkiye is of two types:

  1. First, the 90-day stay in Türkiye
  2. Second, accommodation by renting a house. By renting a house, you can get 1 year of tourist residence. This residence cannot be extended and does not allow work or study.

Türkiye’s new tourist accommodation law

The duration of Turkish tourist stay will be one year from this year. According to the law on foreign nationals and international protection, from January 1, 2022, foreign nationals can receive a tourist residence for one year.

In this way, after renting the property, you can apply for a one-year tourist residence. The lease must be done accurately and legally and registered in the notary so that the Turkish Security Department can inquire about it. Note that Staying in this country by renting a house It is only one year Can not be renewed! Unless you have bought a property or found a job during this period or other methods of residence which are fully discussed in this article.

Turkish residence through work

One of the ways to get Turkish residence is through work. For this purpose, i.e. work immigration, you must have a job offer from a Turkish employer.


Turkish residency through education

Staying through education is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to stay in this country. When Turkish study residency is mentioned, it means study migration. Many people travel to this country after obtaining an educational residence in Turkey and complete their bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degrees in Turkish universities.

Turkey is a country with an extraordinary geographical and climatic location, which is the link between Europe and Asia, a country with a unique geographical location, part of which is located in Asia and part of which is located in Europe, and for a long time it has been a barrier and a bridge between the two continents. It has been ancient and this has had a significant impact on the economy of this country.
including the high volume of gross production and exports, attracting foreign capital through the tourism industry and medical and beauty services, and various types of foreign investment, which has created a safe and profitable platform with an upward outlook in this country, and secure investment in this country will guarantee In addition to increasing the investment amount for obtaining citizenship and passport, from $250,000 to $400,000, not only the number of investment applicants did not decrease, but also due to the benefits that the Turkish government provides for investors and immigrants who have received Turkish passports. And has taken into account, the number of investors also increased.
Also, according to the presented statistics, the growth of the sale price of property in three years (2019-2022) is 417% and its five-year statistics (2017-2022) is 442%, which proves that investment in the field of property in this The country will be very profitable.
At the macro level, the government has been able to continue the development and economic growth program by taking advantage of the expansion of the private sector and increasing competition, reducing domestic demand and developing exports, creating a mechanism and encouraging foreign capital attraction, increasing productivity and using technology.
The CIA has classified Turkey in the category of developed countries. Economists and politicians often classify Turkey as a newly industrialized country and consider it among the 20 industrialized countries in the world. During the last few years, Turkey has been one of the countries with the highest economic growth and ranks sixth among the most powerful economies in European countries. According to the Forbes magazine, in terms of the number of billionaires, Istanbul has 35 billionaires in 2008, after Moscow with 74 billionaires and New York with 71. Billionaires, London has 36 billionaires in the fourth place in the world and in this respect it is ahead of cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Dallas.
The main strategy of Turkey in macroeconomics has been to achieve high economic growth, expand the private sector and create a mechanism for more competition. Privatization was clearly placed on the agenda of Turkish economic policies from the mid-80s. Privatization in Turkey, on the one hand, has helped to reduce as much as possible the intervention of the government in economic activities and to reduce the monetary burden of state economic enterprises on the national budget, and on the other hand, it has been aimed at developing capital markets and redirecting resources towards new investments. Turkey has succeeded to a considerable extent in achieving its privatization policies by attracting public support, transparency in policy-making and implementation, economic and political stability, and the strong support of the government to the private sector. In addition to privatization, it has also paid special attention to attracting foreign capital through economic policy in the neighboring country. Turkey has been one of the most important countries in attracting foreign capital due to having a suitable platform for investment and proximity to the Asian consumer market.

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