North Cyprus, also known as Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), is an island located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, in Eurasia. Cyprus is situated south of Turkey and lies on the eastern edge of the Middle East, with Greece to the west and Egypt to the south. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, following Sicily and Sardinia. The length of the island stretches up to 240 kilometers in its longest form, while its width reaches 100 kilometers at its widest point. The Turkish coast is approximately 75 kilometers north of Cyprus.

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Why Northern Cyprus?

According to the reputable Forbes magazine, in 2021, Northern Cyprus ranked first in terms of the value of purchasing coastal properties. Furthermore, the European Environmental Agency, based on rigorous scientific criteria and experiments conducted over a period of time, has recognized the waters of Northern Cyprus as the cleanest for water activities and swimming. The country stands out for its reasonable costs, high quality of life in all sectors, significantly low crime rates (even zero), and high security. Given these conditions, Northern Cyprus is rapidly becoming a leading and unparalleled destination for foreign investments. Due to extensive global advertising for Northern Cyprus and the country’s high potential for constructing coastal properties and attracting major investments from other countries, we can expect a much higher increase in property prices in the area in the coming years compared to before.

Benefits of Investing in Northern Cyprus:

  • Residency with a 35% cash down payment and the remaining installments over 2 to 7 years for the entire family.
  • Property value appreciation with a profit margin of 30% to 50%.
  • Property acquisition and investment in British pounds, a powerful currency worldwide.
  • High security, stability, and economic growth.
  • Investing in a country on the path to development.
  • Rent guarantee in British pounds, opening an international account.
  • Ownership document provided in tangible and visible form.
  • Free education in reputable government schools and universities.
  • Access to free healthcare services.
  • No restrictions on selling properties to individuals of any nationality after purchase.
  • Highly attractive figures for investment purposes.